Shape designed for best results.

From supporting structure to the tiniest detail: all about CRIOX® System is conceived to ensure best results throughout the entire production process. Starting from the shape of the central body: the rotary double-cone chamber features smooth lines to enhance full and continuous revolving of the material to be dried, coupled to homogeneous and uniform mixing. Moreover, the adjustable chamber rotating speed allows agitation rates from delicate to moderate.
essiccatore rotativo

Intelligent power

With its two sets of electric lump breaker blades inside the rotary double-cone chamber, CRIOX® System guarantees the best possible result. An exclusive feature that drastically increases the product surface exposed to evaporation and enhances system mixing effectiveness. Thanks to the chamber rotation, each lump-breaker set alternatively goes in and out the product, promoting self-cleaning when emerging. Blade action features two important benefits: prevents product agglomeration and allows grinding and pulverizing of drying mass during the final phase of the process, thereby minimizing subsequent mill intervention. This results in a bulk product ready for bagging or a powder with controlled grain size, thus reducing subsequent processing to only simple sieving. Acting on the core of the product to be dried, the lump breakers significantly reduce drying time, assuring the lowest possible residual humidity, often unattainable with other systems. They also allow operation at lower processing temperatures, preventing downgrading of the most delicate thermo sensitive products.

Lump breakers shafting includes fluxed mechanical double sealing, designed to ensure vacuum tightness and absolute cleanliness of dried batch.

Lump breakers are electrically operated. CRIOX® System is the only rotary double cone dryer of this type currently on the market. This is a crucial feature, as electric motor-driven lump breakers offer exclusive performance and benefits, including:

  • Rotating speed control
  • Scheduling of operating cycles
  • Constant torque with changing speed
  • Absorption control
  • Ventilated cooling
Moreover, electric lump breakers ensure:
  • Reliability and durability, also in heavy-duty
  • Low maintenance
The total absence of pneumatic circuits avoids the risk of lubricated air pressure release inside the drying chamber and surrounding environment, thereby ensuring utmost safety throughout the production process and the highest quality of dried material.
Essiccatore industriale con rompi grumi
Lump breakers

Maximum efficiency

Special filtering systems installed directly inside the chamber are available to cover all processing requirements: sintered metal or PTFE cartridge type filters suitable for trapping very fine powders, whose effectiveness during the process is ensured by an automatic nitrogen back-washing system.

From the experience acquired in the optimization of the drying process, Italvacuum suggests also the use of a heated external safety cyclone filter, designed to avoid pressure losses and condensation phenomena, for a complete protection of the vacuum line.

Essiccatore industriale con sistemi di filtrazione interni
Internal filtering systems
Essiccatore industriale con filtro esterno di sicurezza
External safety filter

Bespoke design to cover all requirements

Standard version CRIOX® System parts in contact with the product are made of AISI 316L (1.4404) stainless steel. Other weld materials including ALLOY C-22 (2.4602) and AISI 904L (1.4539) are available on request.

CRIOX® System special shape is also suitable for fluoro-polymer film internally coated versions which are highly resistant to products containing aggressively corrosive substances (both acids and bases).

Encouraged by the success of these versions, Italvacuum has moved on to produce enameled drying chamber versions, in which the alkaline borosilicate enamel layer, deposited on the steel shell, makes the CRIOX® System interior chemically inert. On these versions the lump breaker blades are made of ALLOY C-22 (2.4602) or other process-compatible materials.

Essiccatore con ampia gamma di materiali e rivestimenti
Wide availability of weldable materials and inner coatings

La qualità si vede anche nei dettagli

CRIOX® System presenta una serie specifica di accessori, appositamente progettati per le più diverse esigenze produttive.

Clean auto-loading/unloading systems

Thanks to the long experience gained over the years, Italvacuum has developed the necessary know-how to design and produce special-purpose product loading-unloading equipments, consisting of:

  • fixed device for connection to process stations upstream or downstream of dryer
  • pneumatically-actuated device able to extend itself and couple with CRIOX hopper, providing a closed connection isolated from surrounding environment.

The several product loading/unloading solutions offered by CRIOX design and construction flexibility include the use of drier-mounted standard butterfly valves or active/passive split valves.

Clean Connex

The mobile device of the loading/unloading system can be fitted with the Clean Connex – a system consisting of a C.I.P. washing nozzle with drain/ dryer unit which, after each operation and prior to back-off, cleans and dries all exposed surfaces.

Tests performed on loading/unloading system with Clean Connex have shown residual contaminant concentrations to be well within the requirements of FDA standards (the "Guide to inspections validation of cleaning process" considers clean a system which exhibits contamination ratings <10 ppm). Using Clean Connex, residual concentration was recorded to be lower than 0.09 ppm.

Clean Connex is a patented equipment.

Essiccatore rotativo con sistema di carico scarico
Loading/unloading systems
Essiccatore rotativo con Clean Connex
Clean Connex detail

Pneumatic drum loader

For product loading a dryer-mounted batch drum loader is also available, consisting of a pneumatically-actuated moving device which connects the drum containing the batch to be processed to the CRIOX hopper.

The batch drum loader uses the double-cone rotation to bring the batch drum into the vertical position ready for subsequent loading. When in load position, the butterfly valve on dryer hopper is opened for pouring: the product is introduced by gravity.

In this way the batch to be processed does not come in contact with the surrounding work environment.

Loading is performed using simply the CRIOX rotation, without having to employ dedicated supporting structures or additional equipments.

Easy Unloading

Italvacuum has developed a special total-unloading device, to be installed inside the double-cone chamber above the drain valve.
The Easy Unloading blades rotate clearing out from the CRIOX chamber the dried products which could be difficult to remove otherwise.

The Easy Unloading device guarantees vacuum retention and facilitates interior cleaning.

Essiccatore industriale con carica fusti pneumatico
Pneumatic drum loader
Essiccatore rotativo con scarico totale Easy Unloading
Easy Unloading - inside view

Opening hatch

To facilitate inspection and SWAB testing, the latter being an FDA validation requirement for cleaning procedures, Italvacuum has designed and patented a large hatch for full access to CRIOX® System, in order to perform all necessary operations easily and safely.

Essiccatore industriale con portellone apribile
Easy Unloading - inside view

The strengths are outlined below:

  • Completely homogeneous and uniform dried batch, free from product build-up
  • In-cycle adjustable product pulverization
  • Reduced drying time thanks to lump breakers action which increase the surface of product exposed to evaporation
  • Very low final moisture values far within pharmacopeia requirements for residual ppm limits
  • Low operating temperatures for utmost pureness of even the most delicate products
  • Very high final vacuum values
  • Quick and complete product unloading assured by the double-cone shape and the Easy Unloading device
  • Easy internal and external cleaning with unimpeded access for inspection and SWAB test
  • Fully automated system ensuring process reproducibility for all batches

From lab to installation: the best way to choose the right industrial system

b>Italvacuum has two in-house CRIOX pilot systems for semi-industrial and laboratory drying tests on customer products.

Pilot tests are used to analyze product samples and instantly alter process parameters to determine ideal drying cycle pattern.

According to trial results, the customer is offered the most appropriate technology to meet its specific requirements. At the same time Italvacuum collects important information for the correct sizing of the equipment.

A detailed formal test report with charts and tables is issued to show the trend of the major parameters involved and draw conclusive considerations on the carried out trials.

If for organizational matters or because of the particular nature of the product involved, the customer wishes to carry out their own in-house tests, Italvacuum also offers skid-mounted systems that are readily transported and installed at customer’s site. In such cases, Italvacuum will also provide the technical personnel needed to conduct the trials.

Prove pilota d'essiccamento industriale

Integrated system of outstanding quality

In addition to CRIOX, Italvacuum is the only manufacturer in the world that also produces in-house auxiliary units, vacuum system included, ensuring that they are sized correctly to meet any processing needs. Thus, the company offers:

  • Vacuum pump Saurus939
  • Heated external safety cyclone filter, designed to avoid pressure losses and condensation phenomena, for a complete protection of the vacuum line.
  • Vacuum condensation unit with extracted solvent recovery tanks
  • Heating/cooling temperature control unit
  • PLC system control panel with software certified to CFR 21 Part 11, capable of guaranteeing reproducible batch drying conditions and interfacing with centralized control systems.

I gruppi ausiliari sopra elencati sono opportunamente dimensionati per soddisfare ogni esigenza di processo.

CRIOX® System also presents a unique set of special components to ensure maximum results in any application:

  • Clean auto-loading/unloading systems
    • Clean Connex
    • Pneumatic drum loader
    • Easy Unloading
  • Opening hatch

System sizing

CRIOX® System is available from 55 to 12,000 liter capacity. Maximum loading depends on the type of product to be processed. Conversely minimum chamber loading capacity is unrestricted, since the action of the lump breaker units is effective even with a few liters of product.

dimensioni essiccatore dimensioni essiccatore